Dearest Human Family,

As Grandmother Moon wanes and the wide portal of this past weekend begins to shift into a new phase, I offer you greetings & blessings. Brothers and sisters, I spent the weekend in ceremony with an intimate circle of powerful people and I have a message to share of the re-birthing and unification of all people and a new awakening to the big shift we are in now.
This weekend on the land of our beloved Grandmother and master seed holder Flordemayo there was a gathering of prayer warriors, some traveling from quite a far distance: an Okinawan Grandmother shaman, Kazumi Oishi, a holy family from the Osun lineage with Father Olu, child Omolulu and mother Yeye Omileye. I had the honor of standing in this universal circle of prayer as the Song Carrier.
There was a clear message transmitted that the Great Mother and all of her children are moving through a huge suffering in order for a new life and way to emerge. We were told that we must hone our spiritual strength now more than ever to be able to move through this sacred passage. We can consciously choose to step into this new dimension through daily prayer, not only during the special ceremonies but every day; we can be a very necessary walking, breathing prayer.
Dear Ones, pray for the elementals to balance and harmonize and, in turn, we will likewise be balanced. The elementals too are going through this great transformation. The weighty things of our past may disappear fast when we commit and surrender to this shift now!
In the teachings this weekend, there was an emphasis on honoring the wisdom from our own lineages (physical and spiritual). We were told to honor the many ancestral lineages but not become biased to our own or to only one. We cannot remain in our own boxes of culture, religion, race – we must stretch into a circle of Oneness. This is the time of making alliances and of a universal coming together in prayer so that all beings awaken and realize the light and love that we are as divine earthly beings made of all of the elements.
And we must remember to make Spirit offerings when we pray. This is the way to let the elementals and Holy Ones know how much we love and appreciate their presences and collaborations with us. We must also ask for forgiveness in our prayers. Lie down upon the Mother Earth and offer your tears and tender touches to her. Speak your contrition and commit yourself to loving her and all of Life.
The waters were a central part of the work of this visioning the new world birthing. Waters were offered from over 300 sources from around the world. The Earth holds a sacred golden bundle in her womb and we are all a part of this birthing of a New Earth.
Grandmother Flordemayo urged us to refer to each other as light beings and not get too caught up in being a man or a woman – to treat each other equally and with honor. The work of the Great Shift is all of ours to participate in.
As I am currently carrying a new forming life within, my womb was blessed symbolically in the ceremonies as the holder of the next generation. Many songs were sung and the women present stood hand-in-hand encircling me and praying together over the little child that is growing in me. The men stood around the women in an outer circle as the protectors of Life. The men prayed with such vulnerability and tenderness that sacred waters flowed.
In two days, we truly became one family in spirit and when we departed from each other’s physical presence, there was a knowledge that we were intricately connected through the water lines around the Earth. And that we need to go to the waters more and more to feel that essential connection to all. Good seeds were planted on Grandmother’s holy land indeed.
And while there were mentions that there is and will be more great sufferings and painful injustices on this Earth, it is through listening deeply to the heart of the Mother and laying our hands on her umbilicus (from where we all emerged and are forever connected) that we will remember our essence and know what to do. The message even came that we humans may significantly change or even disappear but a seed of our original DNA will forever remain.
Now I am back home…I sit in my earthen sanctuary…integrating and digesting all that occurred in this weekend’s ceremony…holding medicine…knowing this moon ushered in new beginnings…I breathe deeply into my solar plexus, listen…and hear… SILENCE and the SONG of CREATION within…once again I offer myself to Life, commit again to pray for every form of Life with each breath…I offer cornmeal and water and say aloud: Aho, Arigatou, Wado, Mitakuye Oyasin!
And until we gather again in prayer with our loved ones and community, make your life a living prayer of presence and awakening to this abundant life in the midst of great shiftings.

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