Newsletter March 2017
Dearest Community,

Happy Spring Equinox! Sending love to you all on this day of balanced light and dark.

I am rooting into the final stages of my pregnancy and feel especially grateful for life within and all around. The past eight months have brought much abundance of creativity and vision and the manifestation of long-tended dreams.

In the new year, my husband Timothy and I have established a nonprofit organization called PRAISING EARTH to house the interconnected threads of our work with the oral tradition and ritual. We are so grateful to have a home for our evolving men’s and women’s work and a platform to devote ourselves to serving the Earth in the ways that befit our times. We have found that the process of re-orienting our attention and energies as well as our intonations—spoken and sung—to the more-than-human circles of the total ecology helps us continually discover how best to live as healthful humans honoring and facilitating the wellness of all life as a wonderfully complex interdependent wholeness.

The women’s work with the beloved sacred waters is now known as the Singing Waters program of PRAISING EARTH. Learn more by visiting: Tax-exempt donations are gratefully accepted on the website. Your gift will go toward our various initiatives including a scholarship program, the Basket of Seeds Grandmothers Alliance, and our loved and well-attended Community Ceremonies. Also, we are eager to dialogue with those who wish to help us further establish this sacred work of empowering the voice and body through song, poetry and prayer on behalf of our Beloved Earth Mother. Thank you!

Lastly, I invite you to our Spring Ceremony and Celebration with The Song Carrier Women’s Circle and now the Pulse of the Sacred Men’s Circle (led by Timothy). Our honored guest will be Grandmother Flordemayo (founding member of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Council) on Sunday, April 2nd, 4pm at the Institute of the American Indian Arts Hogan (83 A Van Nu Po Road, Santa Fe, NM. See flyer below)

Please visit my new website: to learn about current programming including the Song Carrier Women’s Circle Fall Season and the Song Carriers Yearlong Apprenticeship Program.

Until next time with a new wee one in my arms!

Love and light,

Madi Sato

Water Wisdom~Women’s Circles~Medicine Songs~Grandmother’s Alliance

…the women wept into the Rivers all the bold yearning and beautiful grief and wild vitality of the cosmos, making them a SINGING WATERS…

-THE RIVER WISE, Timothy P. McLaughlin