Madi Sato

I am a singer, teacher and ceremony leader of Ainu (Indigenous Japanese) and Irish heritage. I was raised by a mother who followed the Cherokee spiritual ways. I have been singing to the rivers, trees, animals and holy beings since I was a young girl. I used to go and sit by the river and listen to the sounds of the Earth and sing back to them what I heard. My love of song and music has set a path before me.

My singing began in nature and then moved into Cherokee ceremony and then I found my way to the music of blues, gospel, and r&b and had a fifteen-year career as a recording and performing artist. I made three albums of my own music during this time.

After a good long passage as a performing artist, I made a life-shaping pilgrimage to Sendai, Japan and the village of my father’s relatives. There I become enchanted by and fascinated with traditional Japanese music, especially Nihon Minyo (folk songs) and Shigin (ancient chanted poetry). I spent ten years learning, singing and recording music in this style and worked with some great Japanese artists of taiko drums, koto, shamisen, and shakuhachi.

During the time I was singing Japanese music, I gave birth to my first child, Anjamora, and soon after Creator altered my path in a big way as I was introduced to sound healing and the role of indigenous music in that evolving field. It felt like I was returning to my childhood and the original love and magic I felt with the sounds and songs of nature.

I began leading circles of women helping them to awaken the full potential of their voices by singing sacred music from around the world. I also went back to my mother and asked her to help me remember Cherokee songs and spiritual teachings. Now I lead communities in song and prayer, locally and nationally. I feel like I am living my dream and answering my truest calling. In recent years, I have returned more and more to nature and begun to hear and harvest new medicine songs of the Earth and Waters, which is a tremendous blessing and a great responsibility. I know these songs hold the power to heal people, lands and beings of all forms. They are also expressions of praise pouring from our hearts for all that the Earth provides—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Every day, I give thanks to the Spirits for the blessing of a life in the beautiful desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband, and our two children. My husband, (Timothy P. McLaughlin), is an oral poet and I collaborate with him often, both in facilitating ceremonies and in offering concerts. He, like me, is dedicated to re-vitalizing the oral traditions of music and poetry as a means of fostering a deep, mutual dialogue with Earth and all the earthly presences.

Finally, it is truly an honor to devote myself to Singing Waters and the vision of a planet full of healthy communities all passionately devoted to the preservation of clean waters through song and prayer.

Many Blessings, Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!

Madi Sato


madi-cd-coverReturn to the River

Madi Sato sings a combination of traditional music from Japan and original compositions recorded live in a Zen Buddhist Monastery and features voice, koto, shakuhachi, taiko drums, piano & nature sounds.
Genre: World: Japanese Contemporary
Release Date: 2011
Download & CD $15


madisato-randbMadi Sato

Exotic Japanese / American voice of Southern Soul, seductive R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
Genre: World: Japanese Contemporary
Release Date: 2004
Download & CD $15


madisato-soulinlove-albumcoverSoul In Love

Soulful blues inflected with the deep South, sophisticated jazz and down home country; wow.
Genre: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2002
Download & CD $15

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