Singing Waters


Singing Waters is a global community of women devoted to the cultivation and dissemination of water wisdom throughout the human family as well as promoting the cleanliness of all Earth’s waters through prayer, song, dance, and ritual. The Singing Waters web of connection is woven through the seas and waterways, both upon and within the body of our beloved Mother Earth and aspires to unify peoples of all traditions and backgrounds in the purpose of honoring and enlivening the precious waters of life.

Singing Waters emerged from visions received by numerous traditional grandmothers indicating that women’s voices would rise at this moment on the behalf of the sacred feminine and the sacred waters. With this inspiration, the Song Carriers Women’s Circle was founded in Santa Fe, NM by Madi Sato as a collective of sisterhood through song. Since 2009, hundreds of women have empowered their voices and focused their spirits by singing in circle together, learning and vocalizing both ancestral songs as well as new medicine songs of the Earth. By engaging often in ceremonies of song & dance around a water altar, the Song Carriers actively participate in the necessary healing, rebalancing, and revitalization of all waters. The bi-monthly gatherings also help the involved women remain collectively awakened and inspired to serve the Earth and all earthly elements and presences.

In addition to the Song Carriers program, Singing Waters houses the Basket of Seeds Grandmothers’ Alliance, a collective of elders who mentor the women’s circles through their prayers and teachings and serve as powerful models of how to listen for and follow the guidance of spiritual presences and foster an intimate, ongoing dialogue with water—in the greater ecology, in the local community, in the private home, and in the personal body.

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