Song Carriers Immersion Training 2018



An in-depth immersion into the path of the Song Carrier with Madi Sato. Embark on the profound journey to liberate your intuitive natural voice and empower your receiving and offering of sacred music. This deep, intentional process will equip you to activate song as prayer & healing—in your personal life and in the larger community. The program includes a one week immersion in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Women of all lineages are being called to carry songs for the re-flowering of Mother Earth and the healing of her Sacred Waters. Embody the Song Carrier within!

Program Dates

The Song Carriers Immerstion Training is a one week program! There is a Fall or Spring option.

SPRING May 25 – June 2 2019

FALL September Dates TBA 2019

Intimate Group of selected participants

To apply, write:  (Inquire about tuition fees. Payment plans are available!)  

Areas of Focus

• Core components of medicine songs

• Foundations & applications of Sound Healing 

• Global sacred music traditions & Ancestral song lineages 

• Relationship with Earth &Water; Shaping songs from Nature’s music

• Ancient societal role of Singer

• Natural intuitive voice, solo singing, leading groups in song

• Ceremonial dance/movement with song


• Bonded sisterhood with 7 women committed to the way of the voice 

• Membership in a global community of Song Carriers

• Vision & plant seeds for your lifetime musical journey

• Access to the vast many-cultured Song Carrier musical library 

What graduates are saying about the training

“The Song Carriers Immersion Training is a priceless and life changing experience; a true gift I gave to myself and as a result to my family and entire community.  Being able to steep in this study and practice, as a way of life, is an answered prayer for me.  It restores my vibrational love song with the sacred society of Nature, the Cosmos and the unseen world. It is a homecoming personally and a blessing I will share with community, in women’s circles, gatherings and family life.  It is the most valuable  “Trust Fund”,  to give my daughter…It is a true legacy of wisdom, medicine and authentic power to pass on to our children. They will need it as they meet these changing times.
Through masterful and authentic whole hearted guidance, Madi guides an embodied experience of profound wisdom teachings, metaskills facilitation training and offers the transmission of the Song Carrier tradition.  She is a visionary with the voice of an angel and the presence of a holy sister, a divine messenger of a new story for the earth and humanity.  She is an initiator of women who are called to reweave the medicine of new and ancient indigenous  songs, dances and prayers into the tapestry of life.  This work is a whole treasure trove of tools to serve our planetary evolution.
Madi holds an impeccable sacred space of depth, integrity, compassion and inclusion, where all women; from those newly called to carry songs for their communities, to teachers of teachers, whom have been walking the facilitation path for many moons,  can drink deeply, held in their prayer, empowerment, nourishment, transformations and revelations.
Through my experience of the Praising Earth offerings, I have been remembered and returned to my indigenous singing, dancing soul.  I have rebonded to the Earth and Cosmos through a vibrational prayer field that is beyond words, and yet initiated with a greater capacity to use language more succinctly and potently to carry the medicine of sacred new life for our planetary family.”
Gabriela Masala, Age 48, Visionary Artist, Facilitator, Consultant, Author, Lover of Life
“In more than 30 years of participating in a wide range of healing, self-development, spiritual retreats and workshops, I have rarely come across a teacher as gifted, loving, genuine, talented, skilled and connected to Spirit/Creator as Madi Sato. The Song Carrier’s Immersion Training took me and the other women in our group far beyond simply learning beautiful prayer songs and how to use them, how to guide a group, how to listen for new music that wants to come through and how to use drums, rattles and dance in communities. All of that was extremely valuable and beautifully taught. But the true magic of Madi is both what she embodies as a true channel for sacred song and how she helps each woman connect so deeply to the truth of her own gifts, her own unique soul/voice purpose, her own way(s) of connecting deeply and offering back to the water, the land, the ancestors, the community. I came away with precious new clarity about my gifts and my directions as well as deeply moving practices which I will now take with me back into my life wherever I go. So so grateful beyond words!” Briana Rose (60 yrs. Russian, German, Polish and Romanian) Poet, songwriter, former life coach before it was called that, devotee of redwood forests, oceans, rivers, streams, bridge builder for those who, like me, grew up with no connection to spiritual life but always knew there had to be something “more” to being human here on Earth. (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)

“Although I did not have much prior experience with singing, Madi created a safe and welcoming space in which the power of my voice could begin to open and expand. Our time together in the Song Carriers Immersion Training program deepened my personal work with ancestral healing, decolonization, and weaving a new dream for our planet together within a circle of sisters.”

Hilary Giovale (42 yrs. Scots/Irish & Scandanavian) Mother & Creative Director of Belly Roles. (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)
“Stepping into Madi Sato’s Song Carrer Immerson Training was a step into the divine path of song, ceremony, ritual & sisterhood. Madi held a sacred container with grace and beauty while I was able to deepen into my voice and further explore the gifts I have to bring into the world. This was a unique, powerful and renewing experience that has shaped my life and the directiion of how I use my voice. Thank you Madi!” Caitlin Gwen (30 yrs. Irish/British/German/Scandinavian & Japanese) Explorer, Weaver, Beauty Inspirer & Water Protector (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)
“Madi Sato’s Song Carriers Immersion was so deeply nourishing, inspiring, transformative and healing on so many levels. This experience not only brought me great joy and connection to an amazing tribe of sisters, but truly reignited – within my entire being – a deeper sense of purpose and passion for singing, offering prayer to the land and creating ritual in my daily life. The immerson was a week of powerful connection, blossoming and initiation. The training was held so lovingly and compassionately by Madi and helped me to reawaken my connection to spirit, to mother earth and to the purity of song that flows through all life. Madi has such a gift for guding women through song and so genuinely and beautifully holds a space of deep love for us all to blossom. I highly recommend this training to any woman who longs to awaken her voice and share her creative light in the world. I feel invigorated and have a newfound strength as I walk forward on my path and share my voice in the world. Thank you Madi!” Maya Rose (27 yrs. Pawnee & Spanish) Song Carrier, Health & Wellness guide, Water protector, Whale Spirit (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)
“In this lifetime I have moved from being the completely quiet one, to the shy one, to the one that hums, to the one that sings, and now to the one that is sung. The Song Carrier Immersion Training awoke and empowered the song within my being, the song that I am. Simultaneously, I opened to the Infinite Song that is always existing in nature, the whispers and wails waiting for a listening ear and open heart. Madi invited us into a space in which song and sisterhood are sacred, tears are blessings, and medicine pulses eagerly beneath our skin. Madi gracefully supported each of us in our unique stage of metamorphosis as we tended to our sacred gifts that we brought to earth to develop, nourish, and share. This training is a remembering, “oh yes, we are here to dance and sing with life, we are here to belong.”  Rebecca Baer (27 yrs. Ukraine/Turkey & Macedonia) Creatress, Earth Dancer, Human Be-Ing, Water Drummer, Tree Climber, Wild One, She Wolf & Dreamweaver (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)

“This immersion, lovingly guided by Spirit Sister Madi, is such a beautiful and potent offering to women, the earth, to the waters, to Spirit, to Oneness. The foundation was our sacred voice and the medicine of song and sound, of drum and rattle, of morning sun prayers, of sisterhood and circling around the blessed waters. What a beautiful, nourishing space was created and held for us all for learning and teaching, blossoming, healing, and ACTIVATING to happen!  Madi shared so many practical teachings within a space that was also deeply connected to Spirit. A deep activation took place for me here, and I am grateful for this experience and the time spent in song and sisterhood.” Marybel Gomez (36 yrs. Mixed Spanish and Native ancestry from South Mexico region) Web Weaver, Wonderer, Light Warrior, Sister UpRiser, Song-Drum-and-Dance Cultivator. Spanish and Mesoamerican child. (Completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training Spring 2018)


“Madi’s Song Carriers Immersion Training helped me uncover what it is I have to offer in the way of teaching and singing medicine music. Through the container of her loving encouragement, prayers and dedication, a fellow graduate and I created a new entity, Song and Sound , as a forum for our mutual work with our voices. Madi is absolutely devoted to living in a prayerful way which is what I love most about her. She is a lifelong mentor to me and I am grateful and blessed to have had this experience with her.” ~Amanda Oda (Completed the Song Carrier Immersion Training 2016-2017) Mother, Non-Profit Director, Ceremonial Singer & Artist


“The Song Carriers Immersion Training has been a hugely transformative experience guided in the most gentle and nourishing way. It not only empowered the Singer in me but allowed me to experience my own relationship to deep lineages of Songs as prayer and healing. It is here for us all. Madi is an authentic, heartfelt woman expressing her true gifts and is ever supportive in reflecting and empowering the part in you that is pregnant with your own authentic gifts to share with the world.” ~LyndseyMcAdams M.A..LPCC (Completed the Song Carrier Immersion Training 2016-2017) Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Ceremonial Singer, and Graduate School Professor
“Stepping into the Song Carriers Immersion Training, I had envisioned a journey into exploring our singing voices, but the journey was more than I expected. We discovered the hidden gifts of our soul. It was beautiful and empowering to witness the blossoming of each participant into their fullest expression. In addition to receiving the teachings on how to hold Song Carriers circles, we expanded into trusting the process of harvesting our own medicine songs! Madi’s compassionate support and humble ancestral wisdom was the perfect ground for our seeds to sprout. I feel honored to be part of the birthing of a long term sisterhood of Song Carriers in all its forms of manifestion. ~Irina Sels (completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training 2016-2017) Massage Therapist & Leader of New Moon Circles
“Thank you so much, Madi, for the inspiration, deep kindness and eloquence you offered us and exemplified in our training. This training is amazing for many reasons but particularly in the mentorship and ‘courage’-ment given to us as we were invited to find our own path, as women who sing to pray, and as women who offer song to heal and teach. Thank you for helping us honor our own deepest possibilities.” ~Nara Shedd (completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training 2016-2017) Massage Therapist, Movement Educator, Dancer, Martial Artist, Meditator
“I feel deep gratitude for being part of the Song Carriers Immersion Training. It was a profound and potent time of sharing. Madi brings a deep well of knowledge and understanding which she generously shares. As a group and individually, we collaboratively moved through challenges in the safety of sisterhood and Madi’s kind guidance. “~Helen Chantler (completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training 2016-2017) Earth lover, urban farmer, singer, community adventurer, Jewelry designer, business owner.
“I highly recommend Madi Sato’s Song Carriers Immersion Training to anyone who is longing to offer their passion as a singer to the world. The 9 month program allowed me to connect deeply with like-minded sisters in an intimate setting where we shared our medicine songs and ceremonies for the Earth as well as our hopes and dreams for ourselves as developing leaders in our diverse communities.” ~Mira Geroy (completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training 2016-2017) Massage Therapist and Energy Bodyworker, Bhakti Yoga Singer, Earth Medicine Circle Leader
“Madi offers a gift finely tuned with devotion. She harvests song & ancient tradition and all that’s true and brings it full circle with present delight.” ~Elise Miller (completed the Song Carriers Immersion Training 2016-2017)