Song Carriers Women’s Circle

Singing Waters


The Song Carriers Women’s Circle aspires to create a community united through the joyous, sublime practice of singing and dancing in beauty and harmony on behalf of and in dialogue with the Earth. The circle invites women of all ages and backgrounds into a deep dialogue with sound and silence, vocalizing and listening, movement and stillness, ritual and spontaneity. By embodying sacred songs together, the Song Carriers Women’s Circle actively cultivates balance within each member and with the human, natural, and spiritual worlds.


The Song Carriers Women’s Circle is a multi-generational and intercultural collective of women devoted to awakening the full potential of the voice through singing traditional and original medicine songs and enlivening the body with ceremonial dance. Medicine songs hold deep wisdom as they are created in sacred, intimate conversation with the Earth. Vocalizing these powerful melodies promotes wellness for the singers as well as the listeners—including the animals, plants, stars, and even the elements, especially the waters.

The group meets once a month in alignment with the New Moon, honoring the energies and invitations particular to this specially charged time of each month. The communal singing work is framed by silent listening, complemented with simple dance steps, and shaped by Earth-based ritual.

Sessions are led through an oral body-centered approach and feel more like an inspired ceremony than a technical class and allow participants to cleanse the mind, invigorate the body, and refresh the soul in an enjoyable and meaningful way.


The Song Carriers Women’s Circle requires no prior experience with singing or dancing. Sessions are held at the Arco Iris Institute once a month on the Sunday morning closest to the New Moon. Sessions run for four months in both the fall and spring seasons. Make a one time payment/donation for the season or join Praising Earth Sustainers Network and have access to grandmothers teachings, ceremony, workshops and more. Please inquire about the fees at

Each season culminates with a Ceremony & Celebration wherein the Song Carriers form an inner circle around a water altar in collaboration with the Prayer Animal Men’s Community and are surrounded by the larger community. Everyone sings, dances, prays, and then feasts together, exploring a new way of continuing an old human practice: gathering in honor of and service to our beloved Mother Earth.


The circle is guided by singer & sound healer Madi Sato. Her gentle and magical leadership style helps women open all the colors of their voices and enrich their way of being in body and the upon Earth’s body. Over many years and with great integrity, Madi has gathered a profound repertoire of indigenous medicine songs from diverse cultures and is skilled at distilling their essence and empowering groups to sound them beautifully. She also goes into Nature to consciously listen for new medicine songs that are ready to emerge and be shared as a heartfelt gift back to the Earth. In both cases, singing with Madi is an entranced experience sure to expand one’s potential and clarify one’s destined path.

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Fall Season
2018 Dates

Sundays $140

Sept. 9, October 7,

Nov. 4, Dec. 9

10am – 12:30pm

Winter Solstice Ceremony is Sunday Dec. 16th at 2pm

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